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Stratford Oaks Golf Club Equality & Diversity Policy

Statement of Intent

Stratford Oaks Golf Club [“the Club”] in compliance with the Equality Act 2010 or any statutory modification thereof is determined to pursue equality of status to all members, visitors, guests, volunteers, present and potential employees.

The Club will endeavour to ensure that every person, as identified above, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity [“protected characteristics”] has a genuine opportunity to participate to their full potential at all relevant levels and roles within the Club.

Equality & Diversity Policy

In accordance with the above Statement of Intent, the Board of Directors of the Club has produced the following Equality & Diversity Policy. This policy will be subject to review from time to time as considered necessary by the Directors.

  • A copy of this document is available to all paid staff and will be posted in the clubhouse for the benefit of members, visitors and guests and will be displayed on the Club website
  • No job applicant will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions which are not necessary to the performance of the job or which constitute unfair discrimination
  • All members, visitors, guests, and employees have a responsibility to respect, act in accordance with and thereby support and promote the spirit and intentions of the Equality Policy


  • The Board of Directors will ensure that each application for membership is determined in accordance with this policy
  • The Board of Directors may set a total maximum membership from time to time and may apply an upper limit on the numbers in any category which is not determined by reference to any of the protected characteristics
  • Subscription fees will not be determined by reference to any of the protected characteristics except where the Board has decided there is a need for positive measures and have agreed to offer financial incentives to:
  1. Alleviate disadvantage experienced by people who share a protected characteristic
  2. Junior member for the duration of the specified membership status
  3. Encourage increased levels of membership to a pre-determined number within 
specific categories, which may include, for example, certain age groups or other selected under-represented groups
  • Such incentives shall only apply for the agreed duration of the specific recruitment drive initiative or until the requisite number of vacancies has been filled, or, in the case of juniors or age categories, until such time as the member no longer qualifies under the age requirements of that category
  • Applications for membership will be determined by the Board, or a person appointed by the Board. Applicants who are considered to be suitable for membership will be allocated membership subject only to any applicable numerical limit which may exist consistently with this policy
  • However, the Board of Directors may in its absolute discretion (but only where the number of members in an under-represented group of members sharing a protected characteristic has fallen below an agreed minimum and solely to protect against the erosion of that group of members) admit in preference to a member of another group an applicant who has a protected characteristic of the under-represented group

Membership Rights

  • All material prepared, produced and distributed by, or on behalf of the Club will endeavour to promote a clear image of diversity within the Club
  • Clear guidance and communication will be given to all members or individuals either governing or working for the Club on its commitment to equality through appropriate media
  • All members will receive fair and equitable treatment in all aspects of their membership
  • The principles of this policy relating to applications for membership apply equally to applications to change to a different category of membership
  • All regulations introduced by the Board of Directors shall reflect fair and equitable treatment in respect of the Club’s practices, policies and procedures they are designed to address
  • All members will have equal access to the Club’s dining room, bar and other facilities save where alternative similar facilities are provided to allow gender specific use of certain areas of the club at certain agreed times.

Course Access General

  • All members will enjoy equal access to the golf course at all times except only where it is necessary or appropriate to give priority of access for participants in a competition, inter club match or similar event open only to members of one gender.
  • Conditions of entry to club competitions shall be as specifically identified in the terms and conditions of entry applicable to that competition
  • The playing of designated board competitions, qualifying competitions and club matches shall take precedence within the playing calendar of the Club. On such occasions and for the duration of the allotted tee reservation, the course may only be available to participants in the competition or match
  • Where it can be identified that the preponderance of gender specific competitions unreasonably denies equal access, the Club will consider the provision of suitable alternative opportunities in the playing calendar
  • When general play conditions prevail, access to the course will be in accordance with the tee time booking procedure and will allow for equal access within each relevant category of membership


  • The Club reserves the right to limit competition to specific age or gender groups where this is necessary to ensure equitable, safe and equal competition. The Club may take positive action in providing opportunities to increase the inclusion of people from under- represented groups


  • The Board of Directors will regularly review the Club’s operations to ensure that the requirements of the Equality Act and the terms of this Equality Statement of Intent and Policy are being adhered to. The content of this policy document applies equally to members, acorn members, visitors, guests, employees, servants, agents and service providers of the club. The day to day responsibility for the implementation of the Equality& Diversity Policy will rest with the Club Manager.


  • Any complaint or grievance should be communicated to the Club Manager or to any other current member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then decide how the complaint should be investigated and resolved